Zombie Tactics is a great online zombie game that keeps you on your toes and is a game that requires thought before every move. You get three characters a nurse, Bowman and Swordsman. the nurse is best kept close to your swordsman as he can usually only kill within 1 move and can protect the nurse better the bow man can pick off zombies from range and help both of the others out when a sticky situation arises. You can move and action in a single turn so it's handy to remember, ou can also rest your players meaning that they don't need to move if you don't want them to Zombie Tactics is a great online game that will keep you come back for more. a great hint or tip for Zombie Tactics is to always try and think ahead. During the game, you get the option to upgrade your players we opted to make the bowman more stealth as he can target zombies from a greater distance compared to the axeman where we upgraded his accuracy followed by his strength.


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