Days2Die is a cool zombie side scrolling game where he aim is to survive from day to day. Place barricades, shoot zombie cops to get extra mags for your gun otherwise you'll run out of ammo pretty quick. You get a choice of four types of weapon's, guns, mele and explosives. keep surviving for a week and unlock the next scene. Finding a level hard then hire a side kick to help you slay the zombies but it will cost you, but can you put a price on your live.

1: Primary Weapon 2: Secondary Weapon 3: Melee Weapon 4: Explosive Weapon Movement Arrow Down / S: Climb down Arrow Left / A: Move left Arrow Right / D: Move right Arrow Up / W: Climb up E: Fix Barricade Esc: Open Option Screen I: Open Inventory Mouse Scroll: Change Weapon R: Reload Shift: Run Space: Jump fire: left mouse jump: space movement: wasd


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