Swing Copters is the latest and possible due to become one of the biggest games in the mobile world but will it beat its for farther Flappy Birds. The aim of Swing Copters is to progress up the screen whilst avoiding the swinging hammers to either side of you, sounds simple right. below are a few hints & Tips for Swing Copters. 1:You have less room than you think, you need to focus on he moving area between the two swining hammers. don't usethe girders as a focal point. 2: Keep calm panicing will only lead to you been hit. 3: Rhythm is the key to Swing Copters you may not get it straight away but after a few goes you should be able to get a nice rhythm going seeing you soaring upwards with Swing Copters 4: One good sharp swing is all that is timed between the 2 hammers swinging, you can time in 2 shallower swings but these are a lot harder.


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