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Temple Run Oz

Temple Run Oz

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Category: Running Games
Description: Since Disney Took over Temple Run We’ve seen the release of Temple Run 2 which brought a better and enhanced gameplay with a stricter mode of gameplay where is wasn’t as easy to game the game so to speak, as the controls where a lot tighter not allowing you to instruct to corner as early in the running sequence. This is one thing that made the original Temple Run easier to play.
Temple Run Brave followed the original release of Temple run as this celebrated the release of the new Disney film Brave, and so the game followed suit with Temple Run Brave. Now with Temple Run 2 it was only time before before a film related edition came out and this is now with Temple Run Oz. This is currently only a paid App which is bit of a shame as it limits how many people will play the game directly on their mobile or online.
Temple Run Oz has been released in conjunction with the latest block buster that Disney has released Wizard of Oz, The game features a Yellow brick road of course which is so famous in the film and other scenes like Whimsie Woods and the Dark Forest. There is also a hot air balloon ride where your needing to collect coins while swinging your basket side to side.
Will there be an Temple Run Oz online which is free to play no one knows hopefully though it will and we’ll have it here
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