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Temple Run Brave

Temple Run Brave

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Category: Running Games
Temple Run Brave is the 2nd game in the Temple run series, and Temple Run Brave is here in conjunction with Disney Pixar and Imangi Studios to celebrate the latest film Brave.
Temple Run Brave offers more level detail over the original Temple run as the sides have tress bushes and other foliage, and not to mention the beams of sunlight cutting through the tree tops, this really add's something special to Temple Run 2 or should we say Temple Run Brave.
Theres even a full new list of characters to choose to play with, your no longer running out of an aztec temple enterance, its more a Scotish hide away with Merida running away from some scarey black panther or bear.
You'll soon get back into the swing of things with Temple Run Brave as you still need to jump slide turn and get those yellow and red coins.
We are still waiting for an online version of Temple Run Brave or Temple Run 2 which is free to play.
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  1. shakira says:

    hey i am upsesed with this game

  2. Crystal says:

    me too.

  3. pritam says:

    hey guys i like temple run very much……i want to download for mac pls tell the steps……..

  4. ALE says:


  5. @HarryE Styles says:

    cool game lads

  6. shiuma says:

    it looks fun, but if only i knew the controls on this game then i would be able to play it! the description does no say how and the game does not either but you guys seem like you know, care to tell me the controls …. yeah i am a not good with games….

  7. Cuti pie says:

    SO FUN!!!!!☆☆☆

  8. arshiya says:

    i like this game but i m not able to play it in my c6 u have solution for that

  9. Skylar says:

    This is my favorite game to play I love it. I

  10. roneisha says:

    hey this game is not bad

  11. MICHIGAN 313 says:

    LOL I GOT 2346 BUCKS.

  12. celina says:

    this game is awsome better thean theme candy crush games

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