Help rebuild Springfield after Homer causes another Meltdown The Simpsons Tapped Out is a great free to play sim town builder where your playing the role of god to re build Springfield the home town of everyones favourite family The Simpsons. You'll start off with Homer & Lisa and you be given a set list of tasks to perform with each of them, once these are done you unlock more tasks other characters and buildings. You, can of course keep re doing the tasks to earn more money and more XP. Gaining XP in The Simpsons Tapped Out is simple you'll get more for the longer the task takes to complete but there's a fine line of a long task and gaining loads or doing 2 medium lengths which may gain your more money or XP so keep your eye out. You'll be reminded in the bottom of the game who has tasks to complete, so may tasks minutes like asking Lisa & Homer to Clean up Springfield which makes them clean up one item of nuclear waste each or ask Lisa to Revise for next weeks home work then your going to be waiting a few hours. If your wanting to speed up tasks then you can of course use Donuts but these are limited unless you buy extra ones at a cost of your own hard earnt cash. These are given away for free every few days in the game if you win on a scratch card from the Kiwk-e Mat or you win one in a Mr Burns mystery box. Donuts can also be used to unlock other buildings & characters such as Cleatus or the Aztec Theatre. Every 24 hours your allowed to visits another The Simpsons Tapped Out Springfield and click on 3 items to get free cash and XP. The Simpsons Tapped Out is pretty addictive as everyone loves The Simpsons the graphics are top notch and the comments from the characters are great its a fun way to waste 5 or 10 minutes every few hours without spending your whole day on it.


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