With its pale over lay you need to ride your Motocross bike to the end of each level in TG Motocross 3, drop into a empty hole and your dead, you'll need to start from the begining. You can get a high score in TG Motocross 3 by doing tricks using xtra keys over front and back flips, just make sure you have enough air to complete the trick otherwise its game over. Don't try going for massive high scores with multiple tricks in one jump as you can easily be caught out and face plant. TG Motocross is a great series of motocross and motorbike games and its free to play here at Arcade ClubHouse. Theres a map in the bottom left corner which gives you an idea up the path ahead and when you can pull some big air for tricks. Time is against you as well so the quicker you complete the track the more points you'll get in TG Motocross 3


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