Milkshake Games

Here at Arcade Clubhouse we have a wide selection of milkshake games. Milkshake is a hit UK tv program for children aged 2 and up, with hit TV programs like Peppa Pig, Roary The Racing Car and Bananas In Pyjamas plus many more.

Most of the shows on Milkshake have their own games and colouring pages which we bring to you here all in one place at Arcade Clubhouse.

From George Pig Keepy Up to Colouring pages from Fifi & Ben and Holly, you can spend hours doing our varying colouring pages or playing the best and latest milkshake games from their hit TV shows.

Peppa Pig and Thomas are the most popular games that we have in our milkshake games category and they are played every day by thousands of children a like that are fans of milkshake, so why not join them in playing Arcade Clubhouses Milkshake Games